Welcome to Student International Housing Homestay/ About S.I.H.

Northern and Southern California

About Our Company

Our Home-stay agency was established since 2003. Our Coordinators has 15 years experience in the Home-stay Program. Currently, we have about 900-1,000 hosting families in our network and still growing each day mostly in the Northern and Southern California area. 

Our Home-stay Program offer month to month, long and short-term home stays. This Program is open to anyone interested in joining–whether tourists, business people, minor students, special summer groups, senior groups or any type of groups. SIH places you in the Home-stay Program for the period you wish to stay, 30-days, 3-months, 6-months or even a year stay.

Our Vision

  • to provide the “Best Care Home-stay Program.”  We are personable, friendly and sensitive to our students and host families’ needs. We want our students and hosting families to have a pleasant memorable Home-stay experience and to gain a rewarding and everlasting friendship for life! This experience will allow everyone to participate in the American way of life–food, family activities, culture and friendly relationship.
  • to be successful and to have a rewarding stay that relies on honesty, flexibility, patience, understanding, cooperation, and dedication.

How We’re Different

Unlike other Home-stay agencies, we are “real” home stay. Ask anyone that has used our services. We have a great tracking record of the “Best Customer Service” in the industry. We are experts in all types of housing for all international students, interns, vacationers and business people from all over the world. We specializes in long or short term Home-stays. We are different from any other Home-stay agencies as we work one on one with individual students. We pay attention carefully to all requests and needs. SIH gives a “Welcome Home-stay Orientation” upon arrival at the host family home to assure a smooth transition of their move. We take care of any concerns and problems seriously and immediately. Since most of the students are foreigners, we at SIH and the host families give consideration and respect each and everyone’s privacy and culture.