Coe Lamoureux

Name: Coe Lamoureux Citrus College is very excited about our new partnership with S.I.H. They come highly recommended and I have been impressed by their professionalism and sincere desire to assist students as they begin their studies here in the U.S…..

We Specializes in Group Homestays; Summer & Winter, High School! Please Call or Email to get your Special Prices!
SIH Specializes in GROUP! HIGH SCHOOL, SUMMER GROUP, WINTER GROUP etc… Call or Email for Special Rates!
Homestay Program Plus Car Leasing or Buy a new 2015 Honda or Toyota!

Special Homestay Program for International Students that wants to buy or lease brand new cars while at S.I.H. Homestay Program! No need for Social Security or Credit Check! Everyone approved! If you have a downpayment, buy your own car insurance or we can provide it for you and with a contract for 6 months to 12 months or longer to lease it, you can be driving a brand new car NOW!

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842 Kingsley Dr. LA CA 90005


S I H Boarding House living room reception SIH Boarding House  SIH Boarding House S I H Boarding House Living Room

Private Bedroom with Private Bathroom Sharing Bedroom Private room with sharing bathroom Blue Room 3 Shraring 3 bedroom Sharing Bedroom3